Consider Online Homeschooling for Your Child

The pandemic has impacted our lives in ways we never would have imagined such as our children's education. Many schools transitioned online due to the uncertainties of the pandemic. Some schools implemented a hybrid system while others went in person full time following Covid Protocol. Yet, there are families who chose to educate their children in a nontraditional method by online homeschooling through tutoring institutions like ILMS. An online homeschooling program was created by us. The ILMS Admin team researched the best teaching and learning methods to ensure that students could still get a beneficial education despite learning online.

Our online homeschooling program offers live and interactive daily teaching, homework as well as other digital activities to keep students engaged and interested in learning. Not only is our team qualified and experienced, we offer small class sizes to ensure student needs and goals are met.

Consider joining our online homeschool program for grades K-8th grade. We follow the Illinois State Board of Education standards as well as other standards. Our students will be prepared to transition into public or private school in the future if or when needed. Below, you will find more information about our homeschooling program.

Visit to learn more about us and our services. Email us at, or call us for more information: 708-581-8617.

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