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Read what our young student blogger, Yousha Khan has to say about education.

Why Education is Important

Yousha Khan

Nov 29, 2022 Education Article

ILMS Office

Education is beneficial to society because it shows people right and wrong and can teach you how to deal with the challenges in life. Without education or schools, people would have to learn everything by themselves. There are many different types of education, schools, books, and more. For this article, I will be focusing on school-based education.

Education teaches right and wrong in many different ways. Right and wrong is a general term that shows what you should and shouldn’t do as well as what’s good and bad. Schools can reward people for the right behavior and can discipline wrong or unexpected behavior. Schools also tell people if doing something harmful is wrong and showing acts of kindness is the right thing to do.

Another thing schools do is teach people how to deal with the challenges in life. Challenges include emotional problems, stress, abuse, and many other challenges. For example, my school does SEL (Social Emotional Learning) to help you manage emotional issues that can affect your future. However, many people’s favorite parts about school are socialization and friends. Friends can help you when you are going through tough times and can make you feel safer and more comfortable. Some studies have shown that having more friends can boost your overall health and that people with close friends have a smaller risk of negative health issues.

Last but not least, education helps teach you basic skills that you will use in life. Math teaches you how to read clocks and measure distance. Writing can help you write your dissertation enabling you to get higher degrees in college. Reading allows you to find information from books and use it to learn in life. Science teaches you from the galaxies many millions of light-years away to the bacteria a few inches away.

All in all, education is an essential part of communities that can teach people challenges, skills, right and wrong, or to make friends.

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