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At the Institute of Languages, Mathematics, and Sciences, our tutors are masters of their respective subjects and ready to help you towards educational success. From test preparation to tutoring services for all subjects, we’ve got it all!


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At ILMS, we believe that success is possible through effective delivery of instructions, teamwork, and enthusiasm. As experienced educators, we understand what it takes to make a student successful. We not only know the trends of education but know what works and what does not. Through our empowering approach, we are able to ensure that our students get the best methods of learning delivered to them effectively and efficiently. Our tutoring programs are tailored to our students' personal learning styles and needs. Whether our students are struggling in subjects or want to get ahead, we focus on strengthening their study skills and subject comprehension. Our goal is to help our students achieve their academic and learning goals.


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Co-Founder of ILMS

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Maliha Khan has a Bachelor of Sciences and has graduate work in Biochemistry. In 2007, she began to teach Honors Chemistry and Honors Biology, and found her passion in building confident students. She encourages content mastery, critical thinking skills, problem-solving, teamwork, and the pursuit of individual fulfillment. She was awarded for Best Teacher in Rockford and was also a nominee for the Golden Apple Award in 2009. Mrs. Khan also tutored Chemistry before going on to teach Honors Chemistry and AP Chemistry at St. Bede Academy.

As Co-Founder of ILMS, she hopes to show students that with dedication, perseverance, and hard work, any challenge can be successfully met!


Co-Founder of ILMS

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Faten Abdallah has a Bachelors of Arts in History and Political Science alongside her Graduate work in Foundations of Education. Faten believes that to truly understand one's self, one has to study the past. A student's understanding comes to life when there is a variety of learning experiences happening, and that’s what problem-based learning truly is. She has also created curriculums for AP Courses in the subjects of European History, US Government, Economics, and Psychology. 

As an educator, ILMS Co-Founder, tutor, and advisor, Faten hopes to inspire her students to live locally while thinking globally. Through her teaching principles of dialogue, discussion, and simulations, Faten’s dream is for every student and individual to think critically and ideate adventurously.

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ILMS tutoring provides a comprehensive PreK and K tutoring readiness program. From learning ABCs and 123s to reading simple words, we will focus on language, cognitive, and motor skills through hands-on activities and lessons. With ILMS’s program, your child will be ready to start Kindergarten with confidence!

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