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Meet the Founder Behind ILMS

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Maliha Khan, a teacher turned entrepreneur founded the Institute of Languages, Mathematics and Sciences, an upcoming and innovative tutoring center, in Rockford, IL. Maliha has offered an interview behind the scenes of ILMS. I have sat down with Maliha to conduct a blog interview about ILMS.

Faten Abdallah (FA): What does ILMS stand for?

Maliha Khan (MK): A dream that led to an idea that became a reality. The desire to help students to excel in their fields. All those thoughts came together to form ILMS.

FA: Who makes up your tutoring team?

MK: A very qualified, experienced diverse staff who have mastered knowledge and expertise in their fields.

FA: What makes ILMS unique from other tutoring centers?

MK: We not only offer customized tutoring for all age groups in academic subjects but also help students navigate life skills, job seminars, writing workshops, and more. Our tutors help children with mild learning disabilities reach their goals.

FA: What prompted you to start an online homeschooling program through ILMS?

MK: It was an idea suggested to us by parents who were unsure of sending their young children to school in the COVID 19 environment.

My partner and I planned the program.

FA: How has COVID affected ILMS?

MK: COVID 19 environment has led us to transition into online learning. Currently, our programs are offered online. We follow all safety COVID protocols for any tutoring happening onsite.

FA: How can people reach out to you to get more information or to sign up for classes?

MK: You can sign up for a free consult through our website,, call 708-581-8617, or email us at

You can also like ILMS' Facebook page:

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